The Four Noble Truths

The Buddha's most important teaching, with plenty of background information.

Visual Aid - Sensory Process Chart

A visual aid to accompany "The Four Noble Truths," roughly demonstrating the sensory process which is central to the Buddha's teachings.

Rebirth & Kamma (Cosmology Part 1)

Part one of a two-part series on Buddhist cosmology, focusing on the topics of rebirth and kamma (or "karma" in Sanskrit).

The Buddhist Political Ideal

An exploration of the Buddhist suttas, as well as a brief look at Indian history, in order to find an ideal political theory.

Notes on the Mahāpurisa, the 32 Marks, and the Cakkavatti

A deep-dive into three overlapping ideas found in the Buddhist texts: the prophecy of the Great Man, the marks found on his body, and the Holy King.